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Mensagem por andersoncres em Qui Ago 02, 2012 7:36 pm

Email: andersoncrespo_@hotmail.com

Vendo Por 150$ reais minha conta do dragonbotpro com programa e com o plugin junto (paguei 372,50)

A conta é DPB USER, só fale comigo se estiver realmente interessado.

IMPORTANTE: Você terá que pagar uma taxa de 75$ reais de transferencia para o seu pc! isso pode ser feito no próprio site do desenvolvedor...

Atualmente suportando: GBS, GIS, GLS, GITZ (privado) e o GB Classic

Funções Aimbot:

The Best Aimbot - Including Memory, AutoScreen, and Screen modes - 100% accurate, Fully automatic !

Supported Servers:

Fully Supported Servers are the official servers:
> GIS - Gunbound International
> GLS - Gunbound Latino
> GBS - Gunbound Brazil

Aimbot Only Supported Servers: (Most plugin features will not work there)
> Private GBWC1 Servers - GitzWC http://gitzwc.in (Aimbot Only Supported! No Plugins!).
> Private GBC (GB-Classic) Server - http://gunbound.ca (Aimbot Only! No Plugins!)

- Features -

Perfect AutoShot
Target Lock
Tag Reveal
Nak Underground
Lightning Aid Lines
Turtle Forks
SS Marks
Slots Aim
3 Different Input modes
Easy to use user interface
And many more features...

Funções Anti-Plugin:

A extended features pack for DragonBotPro which adds features that will protect you against cheaters and game hacks, so you can continue enjoying a fun and playable game.
More Anti related features will be automatically added when available for free.
This is a must have for every player!

- Features -

Auto Tornado/Mirror Detection !! - Automatically mark tornados and mirrors !

Random Force Reveal !! - Will show you which force is the random force whenever it appears.

Anti-Crash - This will save you from being crashed and losing your good room! It will also report to you the player name who is trying to crash you!
Anti-Crash is automatically being updated with new protections as soon as new crashes are discovered.
Can be turned off and on whenever you like!
The ultimate protection!
It protects you by blocking these crashes:
- Stage-Crash
- End Game Crash
- Room Crash 1
- Runtime Crash 1
- Runtime Crash 2
- Turns Crash 3
- Zero Crash
- Stage Crash 2
- Stage Crash 3
- Master Crash
- Crash X
- World List Crash
- Room Crash 2
- Heal Hack (Yes it can block some hacks too!)
- Ghost Hack
- Access 1
- Access 2
- Access 3
- Bug Room
- Enter Crash
- Wrong Version
- Any future crash that will be included in DBP's crash-plugin! (You will always be protected!)
And many more!!

Anti-Item - This feature will save you from bad evil items! This can be the difference between winning to losing! You will still see which user used which item so you will be on the safe side if someone is asking. This feature can be turned off and just by clicking a button on your screen.
These items will not affect you:
- Reversed Bomb I
- Reversed Bomb II
- Manusa Bomb
- Reversed Gauge
- Dual Thor
- Crazy Wind
- Invisible

Anti-Hacks - A new feature that shows you secret information about the players that are in your room, so you can easily see who is cheating and who is legal. (so you can kick them or leave the room)

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Mensagem por Convidad em Sex Ago 03, 2012 2:57 pm

Também funfa pro gitz, galera.

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